Red fountain grass to spruce up your garden design

Red fountain grass Prized for its rich burgundy foliage and foxtail-like spikes, purple fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’) is an outstanding ornamental grass for flower beds or containers. It adds intense colour and lofty height to the back of a border or the center of a large container planting. The foliage is / to ½ […]

Parry’s agave can work wonders in a garden landscape revamp

Parry’s agave The drought-tolerant Parry’s agave (Agave parryi) is a striking accent plant for the xeriscape garden. It forms heavily toothed, compact rosettes of grey-blue, sword-like leaves with a dark spine at the tip of each leaf. Typical of agaves, the plant sends up a flowering spike only after several years of growth. The towering […]